Crown & Caliber Watch Stories

Client: Crown & Caliber

Since 2016 Valkyr has produced directed and edited 27 episodes of the Watch Stories series for Crown & Caliber. Based in Atlanta, C&C have quickly become the foremost reseller of high end luxury watches, and the series is a look at the community and the stories that watches often carry throughout generations.

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LifestyleJeremy Heslup
Petrolicious (60 Episodes)

Client: Petrolicious

From 2014-2016 Valkyr produced, directed and often edited 60 episodes of the popular vintage channel Petrolicious. With a skeleton crew and one day to make the best 5-7 mins we could, it was a fantastic learning experience that helped us hone our skills, build our style and meet an eclectic group of enthusiasts around the world.

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