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You Olive Once

Coming Soon!

Documentary Short on “Olive”, a custom built 1969 911 “STR”

Directed By Jeremy Heslup
DP/Camera Operator Oliver Watts
Featuring Vincent De Goede

Shot on Alexa Mini & Zeiss Primes in the Netherlands

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AutomotiveJeremy Heslup
Land Rover Back to School

Head back to school at the Land Rover off-road experience center in Biltmore, North Carolina. 

Client: Land Rover
Agency: Spark44

Directed By Jeremy Heslup
Produced By Nima Karamati
Produced By Bonnie Gallanter
Director of Photography Kyle Rose
1st AC Niko Feldman
Grip/Gaff Ali Mcfield
Location Sound David Schmalz
Editor Lucas Wilde

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Petrolicious (60 Episodes)

Client: Petrolicious

From 2014-2016 Valkyr produced, directed and often edited 60 episodes of the popular vintage channel Petrolicious. With a skeleton crew and one day to make the best 5-7 mins we could, it was a fantastic learning experience that helped us hone our skills, build our style and meet an eclectic group of enthusiasts around the world.

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AutomotiveJeremy Heslup